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How to Use our Video Poker Calculator

The Video Poker Calculator allows you to manually enter the 5 cards you've been dealt, and then tells you the ideal way to play the hand - that is which cards to hold and which cards to drop to draw new cards.

To get the most optimum playing strategies, the Video Poker Calculator prompts you to select the type of Video Poker game you are playing as well as the corresponding payout table.

Not all video poker games are the same! And even among a single variation of the game, such as Jacks or Better, different casinos offer different payout tables associated with that game! It is critical to review the payout tables to make sure you are getting the best odds possible!

We recommend that you bookmark this page with the browser on your cellphone or tablet. You are allowed to use our Video Poker Calculator while actually playing Video Poker in the casino! We highly recommend you use our calculator while learning to play and always keep it handy so you can look up questionable hands when playing for real money.

  1. To get started, select the type of Video Poker game you are playing. Our Video Poker Calculator defaults to Jacks or Better, which is the most common version of the game. However, we also support the following video poker games: Aces & Eights, Double Bonus Poker, Bonus Poker, All America Poker, Joker Poker

  2. Select the Payout Table that corresponds to the game you are playing. Our payout defaults to 9/6, which means a Full House pays 9 to 1 and the Flush pays 6 to 1. If you play 5 max credits (which you always should), you will win 45 credits when hitting a Full House and 30 credits when hitting a Flush. See our full default 9/6 Payout Table below:

  3. Click on any card to select all 5 cards you have been dealt.

  4. Click the Process button to receive the Best Play to make. You will see the calculated EV (Expected Value) of the Best Play as well as the values of the less favorable plays to make.

If you discover any problems with our Video Poker Calculator, please report all bugs using our Contact Form, thank you!

The Indispensable Role of our Video Poker Calculator for Every Player

Video poker, with its blend of strategy and chance, has been a casino favorite for years. While the game’s allure is undeniable, mastering it requires a nuanced understanding of odds and best plays. This is where our Video Poker Calculator becomes an invaluable asset.

Tailored Strategy Recommendations

The Video Poker Calculator isn’t just a static tool; it’s dynamic. By manually entering the 5 cards you’ve been dealt, the calculator instantly provides the optimal way to play the hand. It guides you on which cards to hold and which ones to discard, ensuring every move is calculated.

Adaptability to Game Variations

Video poker isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. From “Jacks or Better” to “Joker Poker”, there are multiple variations, each with its unique strategy. The calculator allows players to select their game type and the corresponding payout table, ensuring advice is always game-specific.

Understanding Payout Tables

Different casinos offer varied payout tables for the same video poker game. The calculator emphasizes the importance of understanding these tables, ensuring players always know the odds and potential returns, optimizing their gameplay for the best possible outcomes.

Real-time Gaming Assistance

One standout feature of the Video Poker Calculator is its real-time applicability. Players can use this tool while playing video poker for real money. It’s akin to having a strategy expert beside you, guiding every move, ensuring no mistakes are made.

Mobile Compatibility

Modern gaming is often on the go. Recognizing this, the Video Poker Calculator is designed to be mobile-friendly. Players can bookmark the page on their smartphones or tablets, ensuring they have this strategic tool at their fingertips, whether they’re playing in Las Vegas or any other casino hotspot.

Enhancing Expected Value (EV)

Every decision in video poker affects the expected value. The calculator not only provides the best play but also displays the EV for that play. By understanding the EV, players can make more informed decisions, maximizing their potential returns.

Our Video Poker Calculator is not just a tool; it’s an essential companion for anyone serious about video poker. By offering real-time, tailored advice and emphasizing the importance of understanding game variations and payout tables, it equips players with the knowledge and strategy needed to excel.

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